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"Get lost in  the beauty of colors"


Joe has always had a passion for art.


As a teen he fell in love with graffiti but growing up in the country there were no abandoned buildings or empty trains to practice this art form. So, he did the next best thing by sketching his work. He started to find a passion of taking ordinary letters and making them colorfully vivid works of art.


After a trip to Europe, he was inspired by numerous art galleries and the quaint town of Brugge to attempt oil painting- thus JoDav Art was born.


Joe is modest about his art, refusing to sign anything- he feels his art belongs to those who own it. He hopes his art allows you to get lost in the beauty of bright colors and brings joy or any form of emotion, just as it does for him.

Nolan & Beth.jpg


Did you vacation somewhere and love it so much you want to capture the memory? JoDav Art was founded on that same feeling. 


You can submit a favorite landscape photo, lovable pet or romantic wedding memory to live on forever in art. 


Say hello, how are ya, kudos or hit the contact button if you are interested in showcasing JoDav artwork at your venue.

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